Eco-Warriors Summer Camp 綠色小尖兵夏令營

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Eco-Warriors Summer Camp 綠色小尖兵夏令營
Join us this summer in embracing nature and becoming Eco Warriors!

上課時間/Date & Time
July 27-31, 9:30-3:30 (八歲到十一歲,age 8-11yrs),

There will be guided art instruction and different art techniques implemented into this program. Opportunity to play and explore new materials is encouraged.
Every individual will be supported to grow their inner artist. This program welcomes students of all artistic levels.

*本課程由取得帕森設計學院學位與紐約認證藝術教育家 La Benida Hui 所執導帶領
*Parsons School of Design graduate and NY certified art educator La Benida Hui will be leading the activity.
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2020 Eco-Warriors Summer Camp


細節 Details:
上課時間/Date & Time
July 27-31, 9:30-3:30 (八歲到十一歲,age 8-11yrs)

費用 Cost: 

新台幣$9700/ 五天課程 


Five-day course, charge: NT$9700
(includes: teaching/volunteer fee, transportation, equipment rental, insurance, art materials, guided outdoor lectures, vegetarian lunch & snacks and camp exhibition)

*早鳥票到六月底 Early Bird Pricing until the end of June:NT $9000

*確保營隊品質,上限14為學生(最少7位開營)maximum 14 students (minimum 7)



課程內容/Class Description






由Sandbar提供 蔬食熱狗野餐

Day 1

Field Trip to Long Dong Coral Garden

Learn about coral, how they grow and snorkel to see the environment they grow in.

We will take the time to study, understand and explore this beautiful organism scientists call “Rain Forests” of the Ocean. 

Veggie Hot Dog picnic lunch provided by Sandbar







Day 2

Green Warrior Program (part 1)

Learn what does it mean to be Green and how your choices make a difference.

Together we will take a closer look at the meaning of “Home” and understand how the Ocean plays a big part of it. 

Lunch box provided by nearby veggie place






Day 3

Fulong Tide Pool Tour & Beach Clean Up

Learn about the tides and the animals that live by the shore. Together we will study the challenges they encounter and how their lives are changed by our “throw away” culture.  

Veggie Lunch at the Fulong Scubar







Day 4

Green Warrior Program (part 2)

Learn how the health of the planet is affected by plastic and how that affects you.

Through short videos and art lesson plans we will better understand how we are all connected. 

Lunch box provided by nearby veggie place







Day 5

Field Trip to an Organic Nature Farm.

We will learn how to make pumpkin cake (seasonal) and understand the importance of healthy food choices.

How does land connect with the ocean?

During afternoon tea with family guest we will have an on-site Art Exhibition/sharing time.

Guests must purchase one drink per person.

營隊成員:我們是誰?Camp Team: Who We Are?


La Benida Hui

Environmental Art Educator and Exhibition Design/Founder of R.A.R.E. 



R.A.R.E. joins Red Room this summer to bridge the gap between us and nature through art.
By providing artistic interpretations of scientific facts and environmental action ideas, R.A.R.E. teaches children and adults the necessity of caring for our planet; becoming Eco Warriors.   


Alexandra Quinlan

I am originally from Chicago, IL where I completed my undergraduate in fine arts and arts education. I have worked with local school groups on the ecosystems and conservation of Haleakala National Park in Maui, Hawai'i. And from this experience it encouraged me to continue my education in ecology, which has brought me to Taiwan to study Plant Ecology in a graduate program at NTU. I truly believe one of the most effective ways to bring about environmental change is to educate others. 

Linda Song

師⼤運動科學研究所碩⼠,是⼀位擁有運動傷害及運動科學知識背景的體適能教練,同時也是費登奎斯方法為特殊兒童而發展出的Jeremy Kraus Approach的老師。目前正在進行費登奎斯師資培訓及Embodied Life Mentorship的訓練 。致力於開發更多好玩又有創意地覺察課程,持續探討關於身與心之間的對話。
I hold a Master degree of sport science at NTNU and am a fitness trainer that has athlete training and sport science knowledge. I have background studies as a practitioner with special needs children and am currently a student of Santa Fe’s Feldenkrais training and Embodied Life Mentorship training. My mission is to create more interesting and fun courses to develop body awareness and encourage healthy conversations between mind and body.



Anita Loh


I am currently studying Jewelry Design in the UK. Drawing and art have always been a passion of mine and I hope to continue using art to better this world.


Ashish Purswaney

I am an energetic young adult with a passion for learning and helping others learn as well. In his opinion, the best way to learn anything in life is by experiencing it first hand in creative ways and in the outdoors. He strongly believes in sustainability and environmental protection.



◼ 課程以中英文進行,以英文為主要

◼ 因課程名額有限,珍稀 R.A.R.E和紅坊將會參照先付款者為錄取順序

◼ 每堂課程皆會有藝術手作時間安排,以及最後一天的成果展

◼ 夏令營會安排蔬食午餐以及點心,若學童有特殊飲食需求請在報名表中註記

◼ 請自備防蚊用品、毛巾、悠遊卡、雨衣、水瓶、餐具餐盒

◼ 若課程因任何天氣及其他因素影響需延期,我們會在前一天由E-mail進行公吿及手機個別通知

◼ 若開課人數未達7人,我們將會特別通知退款事宜

◼ 若是參加者因個人因素需辦理退款事宜,當事人可以聯繫營隊負責人做討論及處理(逐案進行處理)

◼ 此夏令營可能因實地狀況不同而有所變動,珍稀 R.A.R.E保留最後決定權。

◼ Classes are taught in Mandarin and English, with emphasis on English.
◼ Due to the limited amount of spaces available, R.A.R.E. Red Room will accept students in the order that payment is received.
◼ For each class, art work will be completed with the quantity of materials and time provided and exhibited on the last camp day. 
◼ We will arrange a vegetarian lunch during the camp with snacks available. If students have special dietary requirements please make a note of their specific needs in the application.
◼ Please bring your own anti-mosquito, towel, Easy Card, raincoat, water bottle, utensils, and empty reusable lunch boxes.
◼ In any case of bad weathers or incidents when class need to be postponed, it will be announced and notified separately on the day before the event by e-mail and confirmed by phone.
◼ If the number of students is less than 6 people, applicants will be informed individually for the refund.
◼ If applicant needs a refund due to personal factors, he/she can contact the camp coordinator to discuss (on case by case basis only)

*This Program is organized by R.A.R.E. for Red Room T2T and Stage Time and Juice.

Our motto: ”In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum, 1968.)





If you have furthur questions please contact:
ENG: labenidahui@gmail.com

或是到我們的FB上詢問 Or visit our FB page 2020 ECO WARRIORS CAMP




We discourage parents from sending sick children to camp. We will conduct temperature checks upon arrival and after lunch. We will also remind the participants to wash hands frequently throughout the day.

◼如果台灣Covid-19狀況不穩定,紅坊會把課程往後延。如果家長想退出,紅坊會退還30%的金額. If the situation of Covid-19 in Taiwan becomes unstable, Red Room reserves the right to postpone the camp. Parents who wish to withdraw can receive a 30 percent refund.

Five-days course NT$ 9,700
電話: 0968134702